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You Are Gifted By God (1)

The Bible says, ‘There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.’ (1 Corinthians 12:4 NKJV) The word ‘gifts’ comes from the Greek word ‘charis’, which literally means grace. That means you cannot earn, qualify for, work for, or deserve a spiritual gift. The Holy Spirit gives them to each of us ‘individually as He wills’. They are not something you get by study, practice, or inheritance. They are not highly developed natural talents. They are supernatural endowments that enable you to carry out God’s will in God’s way. And you will never discover God’s way until you realise that you are not meant to serve Him by drawing on your own abilities, but by depending upon the indwelling power of His Spirit. In a sense, you are like a glove; the Holy Spirit within you fills that glove, moves it and accomplishes through it what needs to be done.

A young pastor once said to an older pastor, ‘I’m discouraged because God expects the very best from me, and as hard as I try, I can’t always give it to Him.’

The older pastor said, ‘Son, God expects nothing from you but failure!’ Then he added. ‘But He has given the Holy Spirit to you so that you need not fail.’

Jesus told His disciples, ‘He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.’ (John 15:5 NKJV) The secret to success is not just in activity, but in abiding! Your job is to learn the ways of God, and lean on the power of God.

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Temptation (2)

God’s plan for turning temptation into triumph is not to ‘endure’ temptation, but to ‘escape’ temptation. That calls for two things: (1) Don’t get into a tempting situation. Too many people are like the little boy sitting under the farmer’s apple tree. When the farmer...

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Temptation (1)

Is there a particular temptation that’s constantly meeting and beating you at every turn? God has made a way for you to turn temptation into triumph. Satan is called ‘the tempter’, and he knows which temptations you succumb to most easily. But Paul writes: ‘No...

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Keep Persevering And You’ll Win

Prize fighter James Corbett was once asked: ‘What’s the most important thing for a man to do to become a champion?’ He replied, ‘Fight one more round.’ Successful people have different talents, but they all have these qualities: perseverance, tenacity, and...

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You Can Begin Your Life Over Again

It was a long hard road that took the Chandler family out of the cotton fields and out of poverty in Mississippi. All nine children have memories of the sharecroppers’ cabin and having nothing to wear or to eat. But today, all nine are college graduates! Here’s their...

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Areas Of Success, Areas Of Struggle

The Bible teaches that God gives each of us certain gifts, and the grace to use them. And when we are not operating in our area of giftedness, we struggle. We need to keep that in mind when we see a great achiever, or become a great achiever ourselves. Paul is...

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Don’t Obsess Over The Future

The story’s told of a clock that spent a great deal of time worrying about its future, reasoning that it had to tick twice each second. ‘How much ticking might that be?’ the clock thought. So it began to calculate that it would tick 120 times each minute, which is...

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The Protocol For Church

One Sunday a plainly dressed, scholarly-looking man went to a church in the Netherlands and took a seat near the pulpit. A few minutes later, a lady approached the pew. Seeing a stranger sitting in it, she curtly advised him that this was ‘her seat’. He graciously...

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Learn To Say Yes Or No

Good negotiators understand that talking too much is a sign of insecurity and weakness. Sometimes the most potent word in any language is a simple yes or no, without further explanation or elaboration. Most decisions eventually come to that point. In order to do that,...

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You Need Purpose, And Persistence

To live your best life you need two things—purpose and persistence. And if you ask Him, God will help you develop them. (1) Let’s look at purpose. On the historic monument commemorating the life of author Jack London, who wrote the classic White Fang, are these words:...

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We Need Each Other

Next time you take a walk in dense bush stop and think about what is taking place right under your feet. As the roots of the trees connect with each other they form a support system, using a network of fungi to communicate. One has access to water, another to...

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Obstacles To Answered Prayer (6)

Before leaving our study on obstacles to answered prayer, let’s be clear about one thing: some of our unanswered prayers have been answered. The answer is ‘wait’. But because we don’t like the answer, we keep hoping God will have a change of heart. The truth is God...

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Obstacles To Answered Prayer (5)

The fifth obstacle to answered prayer is an unforgiving spirit. Your anger may feel justified, but it can produce long-term results that hurt you. Regardless of ‘who did what to whom’, resentment is hazardous to your health and spiritual well-being. Jesus said, ‘If...

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Obstacles To Answered Prayer (4)

The fourth obstacle to prayer is unscriptural prayers. Jesus said, ‘If you remain in Me and My words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.’ Those who live by the principles of God’s Word don’t pray to win the lottery, or for their horse to...

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Obstacles To Answered Prayer (3)

The third obstacle to answered prayer is unconfessed sin. After conquering Jericho, the strongest city in the Promised Land, the Israelites were defeated by a handful of soldiers in a small village called Ai. Joshua was devastated! He ‘tore his clothes and fell...

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Obstacles To Answered Prayer (2)

Another obstacle to answered prayer is selfishness. In the Lord’s Prayer, you won’t find the words ‘I’, or ‘me’, or ‘my’, or ‘mine’. What you will find instead, is: ‘Give us this day our daily bread; forgive us our trespasses; deliver us from evil’...

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Obstacles To Answered Prayer (1)

For the next few days let’s look at some reasons why our prayers aren’t answered. First, fallen angelic powers. For three weeks Daniel prayed and got no answer. Why? Because an evil force in the spiritual realm, ‘the Prince of Persia’, blocked it (see Daniel 10:13)....

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A Word For The New Year (4)

This year God will take care of you. Like a good father taking care of a child he loves, God will watch over you, never taking His eye off you. And He will do it ‘from the beginning of the year to the very end.’ Who else can make such a promise—and keep it? Your...

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A Word For The New Year (3)

This year look to God for your needs: ‘The land which you cross over to possess… drinks water from the rain of Heaven.’ No matter what political party is in power, what the interest rate is, or what shape the housing and job markets are in, believe God to supply all...

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